A Decade of Decadence

This year Ruby is celebrating a decade of decadence, titillation, empowerment, fun, funk, fashion, glamour and ... independence!

After all, it's only as an independent label that Ruby could ever have remained so fresh, original, street-smart and dynamic over the last 10 years.

The Ruby signature today encompasses fashion-forward lingerie and hand-crafted accessories; as well as selective sleepwear, street-wear, and unique printed hosiery (in collaboration with Falke).

Feeling Good

RUBY lingerie delightfully covers everything from comfy cotton, everyday staples-with-a-twist, to delicate fashion-forward garments created out of the finest laces, silks, or stretch satins.

Looking Good

All garments are made in Cape Town in limited quantities, using exclusive imported laces, unique fabrics, and the highest quality trims and techniques available. Some items are designed on a whim - in an illuminated instant - while others are painstakingly crafted for print, fall, or line.

Doing Good

RUBY accessories and jewelry are mostly hand-made by the Ruby Beading Circle - a fair-trade, job-creation initiative in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, that's been running for ten years and employs up to 35 women.


Besides being a regular attraction at South African Fashion Week for the last eight years, RUBY has also featured in the finale of America's Next Top Model, in FTV slots, international movies and ads, TV shows, and bookcases of magazine editorials in local and global glossies. (While being available in exclusive boutiques from LA to Tokyo.)

New Ranges

In response to numerous boutique and customer requests, RUBY recently launched two sibling brands to complement the collection.

MEN UNITED™ is a brother brand to RUBY that was launched at Fashion Week 2008 to introduce some female-friendly eye-candy to the RUBY catwalk - and extend our signature style and suss to the Men's Department as well.

Then came STILETTO - RUBY's risqué, edgy and confident sister. She's sassy, sensual, and self-empowered. No sleazy clichés or compromises here. It's all-day snugness meets all-night smugness - what more can a girl ask for?

SA Fashion Week Ruby Celebration SA Fashion Week 2009

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